I am a figment of society. 'm What she made ​​me. And now I say what comes to my mind they do not want me anymore. That's how you made ​​me, America.
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awesomerussuniverse said:
excellent blog! the thing about 2 pac was that he was one of the originals,there is no one out there who will ever be realer than him, he was a leader who wasnt afraid he will always be respected!

Now that I’m here, here is a man
'm Not perfect, but I'm looking for
Seeking perfection and another, wasting time
It seems crazy but I’m trying to escape my mind
Trying to erase the time
Hoping you will not notice
When I was in the worst
Although I knew they were seeing, I could not stop
So many things I would have done
So many dreams, wasted with no promise
From within the darkness I struggle to see the light
Fighting by night
Struggling with all my might
Some will not see it that way
Others will praise me
But everyone will agree that I did everything my way

                                                                                Tupac Amaru Shakur